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random observations during my first day in d:

it amazes me the difference between banks in north and south georgia.

i went to my bank in atl today to do a funds transfer. all the people were dressed impeccably in their young urbanite off the rack fashions. there were lots of heels, lots of power suits, lots of.. well... regular suits. i was the shittiest dressed person there in jeans and a striped button up shirt and sandals.

i went to my bank in douglas to be put on my mom's savings account. i sat in a chair waiting on the ONE person at a desk to get done talking to some old guy. during my 10 minute sit, i saw 4 old white men with john deer hats and work boots in plain white tshirts and old acid washed jeans CAKED with mud and grass stains walk through. i also saw 3 old black women in jumpsuits or mumus and 2 kids were there in slippers. i was, by far the most well dressed person there.

on a less deep note, i got my hair cut off today. it wasn't something planned... it just kinda happened.

mom has a wonderful weekend of getting tags for my car, shopping, and cleaning out the utility building which housing all my old kids' stuff, planned for us. on top of this, i'm supposed to be teaching her and grandpa how to use the computer. i know this will never happen, so i'm just scheduling tasks for everything i can and telling her to just never turn off her computer.

it makes me sick that she has a 3ghz p4 with a 17" widescreen lcd and drd-rw and has no fucking idea how to use it. and she's only gonna use it for email and online shopping... and playing the crappy games that come with windows o_O

i need to talk her into trading computers with me.
Tags: family, geekery, girlyness, visiting south georgia

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