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i'm about to leave for atlanta. w00t!

here's an idea i lifted from sankitty:

ask me your burning questions

i'll answer in my next entry.

i'm supposed to be packing. i feel like ass. my head feels like it's going to explode. i suppose that's what i fucking get for living in a smoke filled house for a week.

i've been doing nothing here but visiting people and playing old school zelda. \m/ >< \m/ i'm rocking the geekiness... and i don't care.

my family got the zelda promo disk with their gamecube... and i NEED it. it has the original zelda on it. they won't let me take my old nintendo to atlanta with me :\

zelda > *

it's so shitty to feel like ass when it's so warm outside.

argh... and i'm sunburned from driving around monday. it looks like i'm perma-blushing. :\

all i want to do it sleep. this has been a most exhausting vacation.

but i think when i get home the stuff is in to start fixing my car. XD

so... i doubt i'll be sleeping the rest of my break away.

i'll sleep when i die.
Tags: car stuff, family, geekery, milkcarton!, plague, visiting south georgia

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