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we went to shawn's grandparents' house today. his engine is ready to take out tomorrow. so he's driving back to rome in the morning. i'd go but i have class.

unless something drastic happens i'm going to douglas. so bitches, get in touch with meh.

all of the fluid in shawn's engine smells or looks burned. the exhaust manifold is discolored from heat. and his engine is in fact filled with shiny black charcoal-like stuff. i took pictures. as soon as i figure out how to download them from his grandma's camera imma post them. it's so sad how he killed his car.

i got along with his grandparents well. they remind me of mine..... but his grandma's not all scary crazy like mine. she's self degradating and has some ocd going on..... but nothing near the psychosis of mine. his grandpa's all quiet like mine and he does a lot of shop stuff. i miss my grandpa. he pwns.

lol shawn got his 12 y/o mildly cooked transmission fluid in his hair. just laid down in a puddle of it. lol it was yellow originally but is a nasty brown now. it was all running down his neck and i thought it was oil until i remembered that all his oil is now a solid.

it might take as long as 2 more days to finish the job.

he borrowed his mom's car so we rode around a bit tonight because we were talking and missed the exit for 285. we rode down to northside and took peachtree st up to buckhead and went to the first atl kroger i ever went to to shop tonight. we passed my old apt going up roswell rd and took 285 to 400 (which i can never get shawn to take because you have to get over 4 lanes in about 1/2 mile and on 400 that's nearly impossible at most hours). it was nice to be mobile again.

i'm so sleepy. i got a phat 5 hours of sleep last night and i've been up since 10. it's like i can't fucking sleep before 4am. i don't have to wake up until 2 tomorrow... yay!

i was supposed to have 25 thumbnails for layout and i only have 16. i figure it's more than half and should be okay. i finished my exquisite corpse project for conceptual thinking at shawn's grandma's cuz i needed a color printer because i forgot my color doesn't work and i'm too poor to pay and down have the time for the turn around of 2 days at my school. i just gotta finish my landscape "painting" using only the very basics of photoshop. not being able to use shapes and layers and shit sucks ass. like using ps 2.

i think when i don't update often i have much more interesting things to say... because sometimes i actually sit around and think of shit and decide that iwanna record it. it usually takes 2-3 days to get enough record worthy stuff to type. i wanna be insightful and not lhave 3947823895723489524897 entries of "OMG!!!!!!111 i <3 (insert name here)"

it's hard to do stuff other than just write about daily events sometimes though.
Tags: art school, boyfriends past and present, car stuff, family, psychotic grandma, visiting south georgia

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