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Such · a · pretty · girl · Happy · in · an · ugly · place

i bought pomegranate/tangerine juice last night. it is really good…

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i bought pomegranate/tangerine juice last night.

it is really good cut with a bit of oj.

i still prefer real pomegranate... but.... meh, it's still good stuff. (and it comes in the cutest little bottle!!!! ♥ /package design geekiness)

i also picked up more ben and jerry's. i got pistachio pistachio (which is my favorite icecream evar) and dublin mudslide. i was taking a chance on dublin mudslide because i've had haagen dazs bailey's irish cream icecream in milkshake form, which includes chocolate sprinkles, and i love it.

dublin mudslide is: "irish cream liqueur ice cream with chocolate chocolate chip cookies & a coffee fudge swirl". ....and omfg it's just as good as it sounds. still doesn't beat pistachio pistachio, but it's typical ben and jerry's godliness.

so like... i've been listening to little else than short music for short people. because, now, 2-3 years after my initial purchase, the songs take on a whole new meaning. i'm completely falling in love with songs i used to hate before. ...yay for life experience!

i'm out for dead jesus today.... yay for dead jesus!!!!!
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On April 9th, 2004 04:03 pm (UTC), normal commented:
Sounds like loads of fun. Not too far from my plans for the weekend though. I have actually already had some ice cream, and taken a nap to get ready for creating a new version of my website.

Now I just have to go out and rent mindless entertainment to fill the background while I work tonight. If you feel like a break at some point tonight or tomorrow give me a call and we can discuss the finer points of web design and undead religious icons over coffee, tea, or ice cream. 7-833-4603
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On April 10th, 2004 02:45 am (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
i'll defintely give you a call sometime.... eventhough i have no idea who you are... you sound pretty cool... and i'm pretty sure i can run faster than you can chase me with a rusty hacksaw.
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