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okay... so... i'm supposed to have a jump page for tim's class done today.

and like... sketches for rorororororoooobaugh (my intermediate type teacher affectionately known as: the devil... partly because i can't pronounce her damn name.)

and i have an assignment abotu gestalt theory due the week accompanied by a jump page for that class.

and a happy little essay due thursday for contemporary art (even though.... the teacher wasn't even there last thursday, we had another teacher sit in for him)

i have done nothing this weekend but work on my jump page for tim's class.... because, it's flash! that's so immensely more interesting than even more html... or essays....

so a nice big "fuck you!!!!!!!!" to all my other classes. case you're wondering about this page i have spent like everyfuckignsecond of this weekend working on: click here. it's not completely done... i'm still working on some of the buttons, and some of the html, but it's done enough that i'm not embarrassed to share it.

granted, my level of incompleteness is probably going to force me into sleep deprivation.

watch out kelly, veronica, and alicia.... there is some ethernet port raping in your futures!
Tags: art school

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