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how i spent my easter vacation

by: alicia

i left right after school got out wednesday. talked to mom about everything on the way home. there was nothing to do there so i called shawn, watched shit on tv until 4am and tried to sleep. the silence is so loud there. the bed isn't hard and i had no tummy pressing into my back. i turned on some music and still couldn't sleep. i moved to the couch with the music and finally managed to drift off after much crying.

i woke up and got to tina's a bit early. she was doing cabbott's mom's hair. i told them how atl was briefly. she got done and left and tina and i were alone for almost the entire time she was doing my hair. i was cut (3 months worth of hair), colored, pulled through the cap and highlighted, colored again, and had my eyebrows waxed in 90 minutes. tina has like special powers or some shit i swear.

i had my teeth cleaned. yay! it had been a year. i've been getting them cleaned every 6 months since i was 5. waiting a year sucked so bad. i got the name and number of a dentist up here abotu 10 mins from my house. :)

my mom had her hair done that night.... i went home and ate and visited my aunt debbie and petted their new cute fuzzy bunny. borrowed the puter and got kevin's # since my cellphone doesn't work in the corn fields and cow pastures south of macon. i picked up mom and took her home and headed back in to douglas.

i dropped by (scary) gary's house and picked up april. she pounced me and almost knocked me off the porch. i think she missed me a bit. we rode around and got a slushy and picked up kevin and we all washed my car, which was a lot more fun than it sounds. april got lots of piccys. i just haven't gotten them from her. we later hung out in the park and talked about stuff after playing a bit. it was so quiet for it being in the middle of a town. the bug sounds were louder than the cars.

the next night was much of the same..... except dolsen was there. dolsen, april and i visited kyle and we walked to the park. lol i gave kyle teh blue moon mist sars. we stole an orange road cone and everyone was gonna sign it but i forgot about it later so only kyle signed it. i left it there for the next time i visit. we got dolsen to crip walk in the walmart parking lot. we blasted bad death metal while riding through the block.... all the retarded shit we used to do. we picked up kevin and hung out at eastside elemetary and then had to take dolsen home.

kevin, april, and i ate at taco bell on the grass median between the parking lot and the road. never in my life have i been stared at so much. we swang in the other park (there was much park hopping). there was much talking. it was really fun.

poochy remembered me. durden's gotten huge. his body is the length of my forearm now. i brought back his old aquarium for the koi. mom and devin and i went shopping saturday. got some old film developed. got 3 new shirts. spent some time playing with the chinchilla at the pet shop.

it was so warm. i was in sleeveless shirts the entire time. i called shawn all the time to check on the progress on the car. i missed shawn a lot. it's odd being away from someone no more than 8 hours at a time for 4 months and then leaving for days. i cried a lot, when no one was looking. i didn't sleep well at all. i kept trying to do things how they work in our apt. i had a headache from from smoke. it took my grandma 2.3 days to annoy the living piss out of me.

overall.... it was a good trip. i can't wait until shawn gets back though. i miss him bunches. but he'll be bringing back a car that now works. :D maybe we can do something tonight.
Tags: bitching about the weather, boyfriends past and present, car stuff, family, friends, pets, psychotic grandma, visiting south georgia

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