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well here is an update of glee and immeasurable sadness.

glee: my rear suspension is done. the front is being done today. i am.... SOHAPPY with them. they adjust like a dream. and eventhough only the back is done, i can tell a supreme difference.

sadness: ....jay died. yeah, the betta that shanica and rachael and i bought the week i first moved to atlanta. it's like.... the icing on my shit week of d00m.

i remember the bowl we first bought for him, with those awful fake flowers that rachael insisted on. and how shanica didn't want him but then later fell in love with him. how he sat on our coffee table and would beg for food whenever we ate (because we never used the kitchen table). i remember shawn and i buying him a new bowl with a real plant and prettier gravel about a month later. and how happy he seemed about it. i remember then getting pissed off at people tapping on his bowl because it was glass then instead of plastic, and the drunk dudes across the hall were all about fucking with jay when they were trashed.

i remember fighting with rachael when we moved out about who was going to take him. i remember wrapping his bowl in saran wrap and carting him all about atlanta in my lap during the 2 times i moved.

i'll miss him chasing my finger around his bowl. and sneaking up on his food like he was hunting it. *sigh*

<3 rip jay.

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