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it doesn't matter anymore

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i'm finally finishing my senior book. i stopped by the highschool and visited for the last time today. i hugged everyone for the last time and gave out my phone number to everyone since they all lost it. when i knocked on the artroom door levi let me in accompanied by an evil death stare. ha ha! i can't believe he still hates me like he does. i'm closing that chapter of my life now. finally. with no regrets at all.

all i've wanted since i was 12 was to move away from here and now it's 3 days away. it feels so unreal. in 3 days the only thing i've ever wanted i'll have. i'll be able to have my own life finally. a real life. i feel like fucking cinderella.

...and hey guys... there's a post comment link at the end of these for a reason. :P
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On September 27th, 2002 10:07 pm (UTC), fuzzdecay commented:
Re: alicia go bye-bye =/



lol i won't forget you guys. just keep in touch. :)
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