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i finally got my cam fixed. it will update on teh cw now. shawn…

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i finally got my cam fixed. it will update on teh cw now. shawn wasn't so lucky, he got kicked off like an hour before we got it fixed. he's posting the infamous piccy now in hopes of getting back on. i hope he does. :) it was fun having him on there too.

there seems to be a tide behind me to get me to the main page so i can stare at the cam and do the camgirl headtilt (tm). I have mixed feelings about it. my only goal on cw was to be #6, so all of this is completely unplanned for. just kinda seeing what happens.

i realize that most of this entry is completely pointless to everyone but me.

sometimes i take cw too seriously. i'm not sure why. i have like a drive to update my cam and see what happens. i think it's crazy that people vote for me. i can't believe i've spent over a year as a wannabe. i usually get tired of stuff well before a year is up. stile has sucked out my brain.

it's starting to get light outside. it's odd staying up like this since school has started back. i still have a nasty cough. i don't feel like i have teh sars anymore. yay! i manged to get my stuff printed for layout and i'm almost all the way done with my 2nd project in digital photographic production, i had to mangle a picture and fix it in photoshop. i mangled it a bit too much. it's taking forever to fix.

i gotta watch some movies for conceptual thinking tomorrow. shawn might go watch them with me. :) we went to the park yesterday but it was storming. it stormed today too. the weather=my sinuses.

i'm off.... to do..... stuff.....
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On April 26th, 2003 07:37 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Hey Leesha. What up? I'm in Tha Big Memphis...woot woot. Yeah. About to hit a strip club. Wee! What fun. Anyway. Just wanted to spread some luff and say hey. Hey! *luffz* Bye. - Dolsen-
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On April 26th, 2003 08:55 pm (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
Re: Yeah
clara told me your ass was online and i missed you.

i hope you're having fun :)
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