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i can't believe i'm awake on 11am on a saturday o_O

i'm pretty bored and procrastinating on my assignments. as i usually do when horribly, horribly bored, i started taking pictures of myself. but not with my cam, i actually broke out the digicam. and not specifically even to post. just... to have them.

i have no idea why i have this odd compulsion to take pictures of myself. i don't think i'm attractive. i don't feel a need to be validated by stangers, either. i don't use the cam as a documentary of my life type thing... it's not even really that entertaining. i really just don't fucking understand it. but, without fail, whenever i'm bored i take pictures.

that being said, taking pictures with the cam is a lot less weird for me than taking pictures with the digicam. my webcam is shaped like an eye, so it's a bit more human. and i don't feel as retarded looking at it. looking at the digicam makes me realize how silly my picture taking compulsion really is.

i doubt i'll stop doing it anytime soon, though.

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