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On May 8th, 2004 08:52 pm (UTC), lowfuellight commented:
Phillys geese story: so i'm out on a camping trip right? mindin my own bizz-nazz and eattin my lovely peanutbutter and jelly sandwich when i hear that annoying sound that geese make. i look up from my oh so delightful sandwich to see a pack *yes, like wolves* of geese waddling towards me. i was not ready to give up my sandwich so i chunked a rock at one. this apparently was a bad idea because in an instant the pack of geese was hungerly (sp?) gallopping towards me. i spent the next 30 mins evading the lil fuckers and when i ran and hid in my tent, they attacked it. i've still got about 9 holes in the sides of that tent from when they attacked. i eventually gave up and gave them the sandwich.

yea, don't like geese...
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On May 9th, 2004 08:03 am (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
i so laughed my ass off at this!

omfg! that's so horrible... and hilarious.
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