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i think i'm addicted to

it sucks having apple jacks but no milk. bread and jelly but no peanut butter. koolaid mix and water, but no sugar. but such circumstances leads to experimentation, that sometimes comes out for the best. like, pancakes with blackberry jelly and powdered sugar is greatness.

gah... i've been waking up entirely too early lately.

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    i drank a cup of coffee yesterday for the first time in a month or so and when i peed later on that evening, it smelled like i pissed out a grill :\

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    my aunt told me while i was in alma that sometimes she doesn't like talking to me because i'm too smart, and the amount of random stuff that i know…

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    nice day out today..... but... i'm fucking exhausted, so i can't properly enjoy it. the sky is blue..... the plants are all green and alive.... it's…

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