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there are a few people i keep on my friends list because they occasionally post creative writings amidst their quiz results and daily ramblings, most notably emarrarr for his short stories and om_resounding3 for his poetry. they're both extremely talented, and i feel bad hording them.

i keep having these bizarre ass dreams, lately. i think it's because all is not right in the happy little center of my universe. i'm hoping this will work itself out, because... i hate having dreams so odd/awful that i force myself awake and don't want to go back to sleep. sleeping is one of those things that i love to do, and having it fucked up like this sucks.

it looks like i'm taking corporate identity, the science of light, world civilizations and art, and illustration studio next quarter. so, feel free to join me if you're currently at the art institute, so i won't be too horribly bored.

speaking of school... you know the degree audit i was supposed to have a year ago? yeah, i still don't have it. and equusk told be yesterday that there are only 8 people in the entire school that don't have them. why do i have to be one of these 8 people??! and when you go up there to ask wtf is going on, they just play the blame game and don't actually do shit.

i fucking hate this school.

concerning my hair:

i have no idea why so many people have gone apeshit over my hair. but, everyone (even the more reserved/oldfashioned people) seem to really love it. so i'm like "hell yeah" because the great alicia job search is probably about to happen, and i don't wanna dye my hair to get a job, that's just fucking retarded. i've actually not been hired many times because of my hair. but, yeah... fuck you if you're not going to hire someone intelligent and competent because their hair is a slightly odd color. it's not like my hair was blue or anything, just a bright ass red.

i feel a great need to start painting again. i have all these ideas... and i need to get them out. i want to start capuring the culture in my own little way. but, canvas is expensive... so... i'm going to start painting on cardboard. because we have more cardboard than anything else in this house.

maybe i'll be famous someday and have a "cardboard period".

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