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it's yummy and stormy out. nothing quite like the sound of rain hitting hot asphalt to make you sleepy.

...i still need to do storyboards and concept note for my flash process. speaking of: if you have any tips for surviving art school, post them in comments, they might make it into my project. i'll probably ask in aia_students as well.

if someone buys me rock against bush from my wishlist i will love you forever. i finally got to listen to that interview with fat mike (shawn taped it), and it's made me seriously want this cd.

i so fucking love fat mike. he's all anti bush, and actually informed... and he ripped on the ataris on air for giving him a shitty song to put on the cd.

this is one of those rare times where i break my "no mentioning anything political at all on the internet" rule.

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