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after reading anagurls (because i'm amazed at the stupidity and shallowness) i've come to the conclusion that even if i wanted to be.... i'm wayyyyy too lazy to be anorexic. they're all like "omfg!!!! i ate a cheerio! now i have to bike for 10 miles!!!!!"

i'm pretty unmotivated when it comes to physical activity.

i'd rather sit here and excercise my brain.

school is pretty interesting right now. i'm starting to get really immersed in my work. i don't feel as much like i'm wasting my money.

i'm having to design a menu for a restaurant, and i pretty much get to make up the restaurant. :) i also have to invent a creature and explain how it evolved and where and what it eats and what eats it. conceptual thinking is pretty fun.

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Tags: art school, self exploration

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