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so... yeah, we're learning slicing. *roll eyes* and dreamweaver *double roll eyes*

it would be nice if saurabh actually gave a shit about this class, or was a good teacher. i mean... i like him as a person but when he does teach (not often) he's awful at it.

i decided to put a paper clip in my ear:

it's kinda quirky, i'm digging it. i just want another one to match.

looking around the room, not one damn person is paying a fucking bit of attention to what he's saying.'s awful when i resorted to word association (see previous entry) to keep myself occupied.

argh! he optimized his images so horridly i can tell on the projection screen. :\ little shit like that drives me fucking insane.

want to leave. want to leave. want to leave. want to leave.

jesus fucking christ! he can't use stylesheets. *bangs head on desk*

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