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hung out with neonjellibean today after class. we listened to my shiney happy new pete and pete cd and went to the pet shop, where i was mauled by a lanky, clumsy boxer that reminded me of a 13 y/o boy. then on to ihop for french toast, and to starbucks for vanilla frappucino, where i eyed the jones soda... and to the park. it was a pretty typical "out of the fucking apt for once" day.

funny thing that happened before i left:

i woke shawn up to tell him i was going so he wouldn't wake up and freak out. it went a little something like this:

me: *shakes shawn* hey, i'm goign to hang out with kelly for a bit
shawn: uugh... i know... you just told me...
me: o_O er... no i didn't? you musta been dreaming
shawn: *rolls over*

...i'm sick. like... my tummy hurt for a few days... and now my head feels like it's disconnected and kinda floating. it's so not fun.

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