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sitting at lex and brian's house.

there is a bit of weirdness... brian is uncharacteristically quiet, and is now outside on the phone. lex and kat and brent all went to the store. so... i'm sitting... in the living room, alone, watching the dvd player's screen saver because invader zim went off and as i was fetching my laptop, someone put in robin williams live on broadway and then never pressed play.

it's incredibly odd sitting in someone else's house all alone. it's completely silent except for the air conditioner and my hard drive spinning. it's never silent over here.

kinda a rainy and just... blah day. which is really fitting because i'm pretty "blah". after sleeping all night i took a 3 hour nap this after noon and i'm still just fucking exhausted. ii definitely have the tired.

....i'm failing saruabh's class, but i know i can pass with at least a c so that's a good thing. i might actually be able to pull it up to a b. meh, i don't care really... as long as i pass, grades don't really matter. it's not like i'm in danger of losing any of my scholarships. you'd have to be a complete retard to not maintain a 3.0 at least at this school.

there's a wireless network here at lex and brian's. i never really think about it... but there's one at school too... so basically, any building i'm in except my apt and kelly's apt, i have wireless networking goodness pounding upon my body constantly.

you know, i'm going to be really pissed if i find out in ten or so years that wireless networks cause cancer. because, that would be the lamest/geekiest way to die ever.

i really don't wanna go out due to cancer or any other terminal illness. i don't wanna just like... waste away. granted, i'm not like cabbott either, being eaten alive by sharks doesn't exactly sound like a good idea. you know, sometimes i really miss cabbott... he was a cool guy. i dunno why, but i think about him more during the summer, probably because i listen to more sublime and sublime-ish music.. he always was all about the sublime.

it's not like i dwell... it's sort of a transient wistfulness for a time when life was less complicated. of course, then i thought my life was horridly complicated. i think i'm beginning to figure out more of the bad things in life now... like the fact that life really doesn't ever get less complicated, just increasingly so.. but you find ways to deal with it, so when you look back you're like "oh that wasn't so bad".

well... lex and brian and kat just got back. and brent is pointing a sword in my face and challenging me to fight for his honor. so... i believe i should go.

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