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haven't slept.

whenever i type something that has to do with sleep deprivation i have that echoy "couldn't sleep" voiceover of edward norton's in fight club in my head. i know i should stop pushing my body like this when i feel like ass, but whenever i lay down to sleep i get a sudden surge of creativity and i cna't just pass it up.

granted, none of this creativity is for stuff for school, but i figure that will come in time.

last night lex, brent, kat and i played "aimlessly drive around and yell out random directions at major intersections". we managed to enter roswell 10+ times and somehow got from fulton county to cobb, back to fulton, to cherokee, to cobb, and then back to fulton. o_O we were on some really run down assed roads... i kept expecting to see a burning cross or a lynching or some shit. (yes, you know you'r etruly from the south when the word "lynch" comes up in casual conversation.)

added onto the fuckloads of pete and pete i'm downloading, i am now also downloading fuckloads of invader zim... because i finally saw some of it, and i liked. this means, i'm having to move half of my hdd over to the server so i'll have room for video. only having a 20 gig sucks at times. i think between all the computers we have, we probably don't break 100 gigs in storage space.. fuck, i'd be surprised if we had more than 80gigs.

shawn started showing off his boombox pc project, and it's being linked everywhere. the server has gotten 5,000 hits a day, and over 5 gigs of transfer, pretty much just on that one page. it keeps crashing because of the tremendous load on it (it's a pretty shitty computer).

when i haven't slept, i have this tendency to ramble...

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