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music keeps getting more and more slow and acoustic.

granted, part of this is because i'm listening to 88.5 (mmm.... decent college radio, i hate all other college radio) and they've gone from a happy little request show that was mostly electronica, to a show which is mostly indie.

another part of it is my energy is just running low. and i know part of the reason why, is because i'm listening to the music i am. well hello there, vicious cycle. there's also that whole rain thing, and the fact that i'm still a bit sickly and not sleeping right. this all melts together and causes alicia to lose punky goodness.

yes, it's sad how fucking tied i am to music. i know this. moving on...

i just found out my financial planner went on vacation this week, after i called her last week about my money and she did nothing about it. so.... yeah, thank you art institute for fucking me out of my money. who the fuck takes a vacation this close to the end of the fucking quarter??! argh!! *bangs head on desk*

the icon goes out to a certain crab murderer out there. :P

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