March 10th, 2003


(no subject)

i bought a bag of hot cheetos for my birthday. i wanted to buy a cake but i figure that we really don't have the money to spend on cake. i might try to make one... how sad... i'm gonna have to make my own birthday cake.

none of the journals i like to read are being updated. none of the websites i frequent are being updated. how can i get my daily allowance of vicarious living if no one is opening up their heads?

i need to finish working on my final projects but i can't until tomorrow when i get the rest of the info i need for them.

i gotta wake up at 9 tomorrow and i woke up at 5p today. my birthday is gonna be a sleepy pissy one. i still haven't gotten the money i need from the school. i need to go see about that tomorrow so shawn can get his car fixed and be happy again. he's been driving me insane with bad hindi music videos, perhaps as a subtle hint to go get that money.... that screetching female voice is too much for my little head. argh... i let him read this and now he's singing and dancing again.

i gotta go stop him.