March 12th, 2003


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it was fucking warm today. i was running around in a sleeveless shirt.... wtf is up with this weather?????? it's cold one day and hot the next.... it's "wet season" back down in douglas. in douglas there were three seasons.... dry season (winter) mosquito season (spring), and wet season (summer). i've found atl actually has four, correct seasons. i miss everything being green almost year round.

but anyways... it was a beautiful today. the flowers look fake, like they were cut out of some gardening magazine. a lady bug landed on my leg on the way to school. lady bugs own. :) there's all this beauty and as soon as i walk out of my apt it smells like fish ass. for the past two days all the way to school it's smelled that someone has been cooking bad fish. i'm like "WTF??!??!?!?!" it figures that as soon as it gets pretty that some fucked up shit like this strange fish ass smell would come along and ruin it.

today is the 1 year anniversary of prodding my nipples with a sharp metal object. i STILL haven't gotten the jewelry i want for them... i want two 7/16th barbells. 1/2 is too big. maybe if i get shit that fits i'll stop getting them caught on shit and save myself some agony. there's nothing quite like the excruciating pain that comes from ripping a nipple. i've thought about it and i think i'm gonna keep them. i'll give myself three months and rethink if i have to. like, if i get them caught on the blanket again.

this journal is serving nicely as a reason to procrastinate on my "typography: class of doom" assignment. but it's due tomorrow at noon so i believe i should get to work.