June 4th, 2003


(no subject)

i'm staying up all day so i can sleep at night again.

my geometry teacher has marked me absent 4 days and i've only missed 3. so i won' tget credit for the class unless i can get her to change it. if i end up not getting credit for the class i'll see if i can test out of it. my fucking god... i took trig in highschool. taking geometry 3 times would be way way too much. this second time sucked enough ass. it sucks to have a math teacher that can't count.

menu project is done. beer label project is haslfway done. i have 2 projects to do for digi photo pro. if i don't get credit for geometry i'm not gonna fucking bother doing that project. that'd give me more time to do the photoshop stuffs.

in layout i'm gonna have to mount all the projects i've done and turn them back in. how in the bloody hell am i supposed to mount a menu?

i swear my teachers are all on crack.

i wish i hadn't have been sick almost all of this quarter.