July 13th, 2003


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okay... this will be my "i hate ricers" post.

i have seen a volkswagen AND a saturn type R.

...i mean jesus fucking christ. labeling a nissan a type R is excusable. Honda and Nissan come from the same country at least. but a saturn?!!?!??! and a volkswagen???! ph33r the beetle, or better yet, the jetta type R.

i'm just waiting for a hyundai or a kia type r to turn up now. i swear i'll piss myself laughing.

(for the people that don't know why i think this is funny.... a type R is a honda... and only a honda. the ricers are just getting type R stickers and throwing them on their cars)

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timmy: they make peanut butter capn crunch now?
damn you americans.

me: they've made it since i was 4

yet another reason not to move to canada. the climate sucks and it takes over 14 years for shit to get there.

jesus fucking christ... it gets to south georgia first.... and south ga is like 20 years behind the rest of the country.

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jesus fucking christ overseer200 is my twin.

seriously... like everything that is said there's a "me too" directly behind it.

it's pretty neat.

too bad he got the short end of the stick genetically. ;)
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