July 25th, 2003


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my monitor is about to die.... permenantly this time.

it started out sleeping and then not powering back up unless unplugged for an hour or so. so i kept turning it off whenever i wasn't looking directly at it.

then it started clicking and when it clicked the sides of the picture in the center vertically would bend in towards the center of the screen.

now it's clicking and flickering. i don't htink i'd notice it if not for the click, because it's that fast. but argh....

i'm glad we have a 17" in addition to the 4 15"s we have laying around. it's nearly impossible to do graphic editing on a 15" monitor.... well... no not really but i'm spoiled.

when i went to kinkos the time before last i was using a 23" flat screen on the mac (they had one mac.... one mac that wasn't hooked up to the printing server, of course. there's not a fucking kinkos in atl that has a working mac you can print from)... jesus fucking christ i'd like a 23" monitor. i felt like i was getting much more done than i was (probably from the workout my arm was getting having to pick up and reposition the mouse to get around).

we sold the silver boombox with the nice ass speakers.... (such rich sound... i couldn't believe that thing was as old as i am) to a guy that bought one new and his broke from falling off the top of a car (i'd have figured something that heavy would have dented in the top of a car). he seemed really excited about getting a new working one to replace the old broken one that's been sitting in his garage for 17 years. i feel good that he got it. it's going to someone that will use it and not just sit it on a shelf to collect dust. ....i'm really gonna miss that thing. it was a godsend tuesday when we had no power for 12 hours... although it takes 20 lbs of batteries to work.

my mom's coming to visit me on the 1st. we're gonna go see the sights of atlanta. stone mtn, the fernbank, midtown, buckhead, the botanical gardens.... all that shit i've wanted to do. i'm sure my mom will love it (if she doesn't shit herself in the friday traffic). i miss my mom... and my little cousin devin. i can't wait to see that little shithead again. he's like about to be 7. i can't believe he's that old already, but the day he was born seems lightyears ago.

Devin is still the only human under the age of 16 that i do not despise.

i've found some likeminded people in some of my classes. it's pretty sweet when i have more than one topic to talk about with someone. we ramble in my 3d design class, which is great... i work so much better when i'm talking.

kelly (one of the girls in my 3d design class) is also in my computer illustration class.... so i have someone to talk to in there as whoever mans the service beureau on wednesday nights blasts nofx and stuff such as that.

i'm beginning to get my own style of design (i'm sure my slow mastery of illustrator is helping this). it's exicting. school is actually interesting and inspiring now. i have some great instructors who don't treat us like children. it's so so so so nice.

though i still have problems with the awfully inflated student store... $4 for a bottle of rubber cement??!?!?!? those people are on crack.

due to my aforementioned despise of kinkos, i've decided that if there are no good internships available until fall i just might try to get a job at one. there're only about 7 around in this part of atl, and they need more people that have an understanding of both platforms. it's like you go in there and there's someone who knows all about mac... or someone who knows all about pc... but not both... this could be because i usually go to kinkos at 3am though. but honestly, how hard could running a couple of fierys and binding some books possibly be? and they're open 24-7 so i could work like whenever. and i could print my projects out for free (bonus!!)

since this is an easy quarter, thinking about a job is much easier. i'm scared if i got one when my quarters start getting rough again i wouldn't be able to handle both.

oh well. this was long and rambling. :) mooooOOOOOOOOOoooOOoOse. ;)

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have you ever been so fed up you've thought about becoming gay? then this is the place for you!

welcome to alicia's "stay straight" services. i guarantee i can crush that urge to experiment.

for only $49.95 a month, you could get access to insight such as this:

steve.: never trust what a female says
me: why?
steve.: i like you blah blah blah , we meet,,, i think you look nice and you are very good looking blah blah blah etc............................it is best we dont talk more more.......blah blah etc........
me: ...yeah. that sucks
steve.: i should just go gay
me: no way
steve.: why not
steve.: give me 1 good reason
me: shit on your pee pee
steve.: lol ok that'll best more then a super great 1 reason
me: lol
steve.: yup i think i'll stay strait
me: good good

yes folks, it's that easy, and effective. :)

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i'd like to introduce you to mr. humples, who shawn (the best bf evAR) purchased for me last night. i'm giddy i've wanted him for months. :)


biting his hump

mr. humples is a camel. hence humples. i've gotten people thinking he's a horse, moose, monkey.... all kinds of shit.

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skipping a month of b/c pills = not good.

my body is all freaking out and crampy.

it's not too bad though...

i tried the red fusion dr. pepper. not too bad. tastes exactly like dr. pepper but with a cherry aftertaste.

mr humples is waiting for shawn to come home so he can molest him. :)

i made shawn tell mr. humples that he loves him before he went off the work earlier. :) shawn thinks i'm crazy. (but i wasn't the one speaking camel)