August 13th, 2003


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stuff that needs to be done to "milk carton on wheels"

spark plugs
new air filter
oil change/new filter
new tranny fluid
oxygen sensor
get broken exhaust gasket fixed
put driver's window back on track
fix driver's window rolly up crank

there's a very slow oil leak and it looks like it's coming from the head gasket... but i can't really tell. i really fucking hope it's not the head gasket.... but we could probably just buy a new engine and get it installed for the price of getting the head gasket fixed. hopefully some maintainence will give the little car some pickup... it has like zero power right now. i want a new engine in it.... preferably something with over 92 horsepower.

aesthetic things i'd like to fix

new driver's seat
clean the mystery stain from the back seat
new carpet in the back
new hood
dents out of driver's side
remove ugly peeling off pinstripe
remove masking tape residue
new paint (?)

and most importantly music. the speakers currently in there suck my ass. but... i can live with that. i need to

get a new antenna
call mom and get her to ship up my cd player from my old sentra

eh... there's really not that much wrong with the car. as soon as we can get it to pass emmissions, have power, and not sound like a fucking go cart i'll be golden.

after beginning to clean off the nasties and seeing it shine.... it's really not that bad. (shhh... i didn't say that)

i'll probably actually take piccys of it soon. i know you're all looking forward to it.