September 2nd, 2003


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my day from 9am.

i need to go to the carlos museum at emory. i've never driven there.i ask shawn to take me the night before.

9.30: try to wake up shawn... finish clothes
10: shawn won't wake up. i decide to go alone, i run out the door with everything i need but my fucking cell because i'm a dumbass
form then on i don't know times.
(this will not make any sense to people that don't know atlanta)
i decide to take p-tree dunwoody road down to johnson's ferry over to roswell road to cut off some traffic. around mt. vernon there's a huge ass line of traffic... why? i have no idea... there's not i285 access from peachtree dunwoody. whatever.
i take mt. vernon over to roswell and ride it all the way to where it becomes peachtree. i catch every motherfucking stoplight until i get to buckhead.
i take the 2nd redlight in buckhead and some hispanic guy almost rearends me. i give him a "you're a fucking asstard and don't know how to drive" look and then get to pass by the giant fish thingy. (can anyone explain the huge fish to me?????) and take it over to piedmont. i take piedmont to chesire bridge, c. bridge to ???, to shepard's lane, to ???, to n.decatur road

anyways, i'm finaly near emory. i miss the right turn at the five points there. (found a falafel place... shawn will be happy) turned around... missed it again. and finally got in. both visitor's parking lots are full..... for like 30 mins.

i say fuck it because i'm hot and sweaty and now upset and generally shitty feeling. so i decide to go home.

i consult the handy dandy map and decide n decatur to clairmont to buford highway to 285 would be my best bet.

first i turn the wrong way on clairmont and end up lost in agnes scott college in decatur. i then ge tlsot in decatur trying to get back on clairmont.

when i get on clairmont (the right way) i pass like 3 roads i took to get to the museum in the first place.

clairmont happens to cross 85. so i was like "fuck it.... i can take 85 to 285". that doesn't work if you go away from atlanta when you're outside of the fucking perimeter.

so i get off on shallowford road because it says doraville and the name shallowford sounds familiar and i know where doraville is. so i check my map and decide to follow shallowford over to 285.

i see buford highway. and i'm like "ha ha!! i can still kinda follow my original plan!!!" so i turn on and almost immediately have to ge tall the way to the left. which was impossible due to the asstard in the accord in front of me. so i have to turn around. but i FINALLY get on 285.

then i have to fight my way into the 3rd lane because buford highway's on ramp spits you right into an exit only lane. luckily, there was a nice old guy in an avalanche and a slow trucker.

trying to brake at 60 with fucked up rotors is a no no. bad alicia! i thought my car was going to shake to pieces.

the rest of the trip was rather uneventful.

so now i'm pissed. i wasted 2 hours. and i'm about to get 15 points knocked off of my grade in art history.

and i have school at 2.... can't really miss any more of that class. i think imma be watching movies and writing reviews this weekend.

i would have gone crazy had i not have burned a mix cd. i like the white stripes and all... but 2 hours of it would have made me kill people.