September 7th, 2003


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i'm pretty happy with it. not much time to be happy though, as i have to hurry and get it printed and start my final today :\

my naked woman sculpture is going well.

projects i have left:

art history stuff (summations and flash cards) - due tuesday
naked woman -due next mon
isolation - due next mon
print pro final - tues
optional print pro project - wed

.....i can do it.

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taking some time to decompress between projects. cleaning the apt.

i swept (kitchen, bathroom, balcony), cleaned the kitchen counters, mopped (kitchen), cleaned the stove, took out the trash.

i plan on continuing and mopping the bathroom and cleaning its counter, and mopping the laundry room and washing the towels.

maybe pick up the living room a bit. could possibly separate the recycling.... but i'd rather not.

meh... i bet in a week or two shawn will continue to bitch at me for the apt being a disaster. :\


dolsen... why did you give up your dream of a punk cover of bombs over baghdad? it needs to be done. you should just try harder to figure out the music.

edit: fuck that cleaning shit, i'm spent