October 1st, 2003


(no subject)

thanks for the kind words. :)

i go for my consultation next wednesday. then i find out when i get the bitches out.

i'm gonna keep them after they're cut out. not sure what i'll do with them though. i think i'll attack shawn with them.

i start school next monday. :\ so... when i get them cut out i'm going to end up missing school.

i think i'll have them cut out on a wednesday. so i'll only miss thursday and have until monday to recoop.

in other news, shawn bought the rear wheel hub for his car, so when he's at work i don't have to worry about that wheel locking up and killing him (bad bearing). I think we're gonna put it on and get my car emissions tested. so, i might get my tag today (!!) then i don't have to worry about my car being towed for an expired tag.

stuff is good right now.