February 26th, 2004


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fuck yeah!

that was the most painless registration ever. it literally took about 30 seconds and i got all the classes i wanted.

thank you art institute for finally getting off your ass and doing something right.

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the story of my snow day, a picture entry (click pictures for bigger ones):

so, i wake up today, and look out of the french doors, and i see:

i am fucking overjoyed because the last time i saw snow was almost 15 years ago. (god, saying that made me feel old).

i decide that i want to go play in the snow... so we go outside, and i'm disappointed, because most of the snow is gone.

i just don't understand why they plant flowers in the winter. my apt complex is retarded.

i make my way to my car, because shawn tells me it's covered in snow.

(shawn took this at about 7am)

here's what my apt complex looks like covered in snow:

so, i piddle around and play with the snow on my car (since there's more on it than there is on the ground)

...and shawn hits me in the face with a snow ball.

...i am not happy about this, so i retaliate.

after most of the snow on the car is wasted, i decide that i want to make a snow man.... on top of my car.

NEVER ask two georgians to make a snow man, the results are very, very sad:

...great day!

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i'm watching the news... and they're telling people to buy snow boots and wear helmets outside if they don't have hats because you can get hypothermia.

also, last night people were buying mattress covers and pillows (i have no fucking idea) because of the snow. people in georgia are fucking reatarded.

jesus fucking christ people! it was one inch of snow! get the fuck over it.