April 20th, 2004


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i have made up my mind that i want to go to rocky horror this friday... to the one on ponce. i'm tired of always wanting to go... but then never going.

anyone with me??!
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i'm, again, supposed to be working.

the emo kid is creeping towards completion. creeping i tell you. :\

it's going to kick ass when i finally finish it though.

i have been burying myself in pistachio pistachio and jolly ranchers to keep myself from waxing emo. i refuse to get emo.

i swear to fucking god, i have typed/said emo so much this past month that the word has lost all meaning.
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i walk slowly. and stare up in to space.

when i concentrate on my movements i feel like i'm gliding across the floor. every step is perfect and deliberate, the sway of my hips is in perfect accompaniment...

but i know from the outside, i'm not gliding, i look like a lost 5 y/o girl.

i drive quickly.

sometimes i'll take a corner in the milkcarton, and it's perfect. i don't have to slow down.. it doesn't groan or pop... it's like the car is an extension of my body and i have it perfectly under control.

but i know from the outside, it's an old beat up wagon. nothing sublime.

fuck being outside.
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