July 26th, 2004


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sometimes i think it'd be fun to poke a placenta with a stick. it seems like it would be a bit leaky and squishy and strangely supple.... like a pair of stockings filled with pudding and cubes of jello.

me: http://momslittlegarden.com/TeigenJacob/Birth.html <-- i think i just vomited a little in my mouth
lowfuellight: my god
lowfuellight: i was cool till u see the blood filled tub
lowfuellight: and the blood dripping down her leg
fuzz decay: lmao
fuzz decay: exactly
lowfuellight: god...
lowfuellight: some ppl...
lowfuellight: that kid's gonna see this shit when he grows up
lowfuellight: and he's gonna kill himself
me: lmao seriously
lowfuellight: god...doesn't that just make u wanna go have a baby RIGHT NOW?!
me: i'm childfree
me: thank fucking god i'm childfree
me: seeing a vagina stretch like that is freaky
lowfuellight: it's beyond freaky
lowfuellight: it's...
lowfuellight: w/e the fuck is beyond freaky
me: lmao
me: can't you just not wait to have to massage your gf's back as she shits out your child?
me: and you have to watch placenta and blood clots pour out of her no no spot
me: where you sometimes put your *mouth*
lowfuellight: :blink:
me: *shudders*
lowfuellight: well...when it comes time for her to shit out our baby from her no no zone
lowfuellight: i'll be there
lowfuellight: and i'll be crying
lowfuellight: not cause my baby's born
lowfuellight: but cause i know it will never quite be the same down there
me: lmao
me: when they stich her back up
me: she gets *tighter*
me: or so i'm told
lowfuellight: *shudder*
lowfuellight: traffic lights...
lowfuellight: how do they work?
lowfuellight: *freak attempt to change subject*
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