September 8th, 2004


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okay, so,.... i went rafting. (i have backdated a few entries if you're interested) and i managed to somehow not fall out. (yay!) although, i now have this off sunburn on the back of my right shoulder because i couldn't reach to get the sunblock. the burn actually has a finger print in it o_O

it was surprisingly fun, but a lot of physical activity, which i am of course not used to, so i'm sore like fuck right now.

i was also told by like 5 different people that i need to get outside more, i think it's because my skin is painful to look at in direct sunlight. i consider myself tan right now, but i was still like an albino in comparison to everyone else there.

i'm so pale that i tanned a little even with spf 50 sunblock on.

yay for no skin cancer!

kathy's boyfriend flew off the raft 3 times, one time yanking kathy's helmet off, almost taking her ear with it. that's pretty much the most exciting thing that happened. the rest of it was all being frozen by cold water and being terrified of falling out and breaking a leg or something.

the mountains were really pretty, although the leaves haven't started changing colors yet. and it was surprisingly warm for being september.

blah blah blah, no one gives a fuck about this. i'll be back to my regular fluff and pictures in like two days i'm sure.
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