September 19th, 2004


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i just heard that on top of being one of the two mammals to lay eggs, and one of the four mammals to be venomous, that platypus can hunt underwater by sensing the electrical signals of muscle movement in their prey and they use their venom as an aphrodesiac! that is by far the most fucked up animal in existance!

australia is so the land of poisonous everything. there's no way i would live there. the fucking trees down there are poisonous, and all the poisonous animals we have here? well they have relatives there and they're 20x as venomous. wtf is up with that? how can one place have so many fucked up animals?!

i washed my car today! it's so fresh and so clean. last night when i was riding around with dolsen, my car got covered in muddy water from a fire hydrant exploding, so i figured it was time to wash it.

a little moth got stuck in the suds on top of the car so i had to rescue it and let it free away from the car washing area because there was too much water in the air for the poor thing to fly.

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i daresay nothing makes me sadder than my computer being made to seem completely useless by a stupid game. doesn't even meet the minimum system requirements. :\

granted, i never play games, but how am i supposed to be a competent designer on something so hideously out of date? i keep thinking that i could shave 30+ seconds off of my photoshop load time for about $150, and really, i open photoshop at least 6 times a day. that's 3 minutes a day... that's over 18 hours a year i could save of my valuable time just with opening photoshop. i've never actually really thought about how long i wait for opening programs a year, and working that out, just made me really, really sad.

*sigh* being a broke college student can suck my ass.
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