October 1st, 2004


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bush: quick to anger, and repeating the same things over and over, including some wonderful commentary about not caring if he pisses off every other nation on earth

kerry: a bit too calm, all about international alliances, used facts in his argument, lots and lots of amusing gesticulation (i'm sure bush did this, but i couldn't see his hands over the podium)

sadly, people will vote for bush because kerry looked like a large orange lumpy potato on a skewer leaned against the podium, and bush is a lot more personable and actually looks sincere as he spews his bullshit. he's also really fiesty, i think he has short guy syndrome when he's around kerry. but, the republicans are pulling this whole "wartime election" bullshit and saying that we need an offensive president, not a defensive one.

what's going on in iraq right now is not a war, they're just pulling that because people don't want to contradict their leader while in war. and we don't need an offensive president, we need someone who will change our policies and actually fix why every other fucking country hates us.

watching bush sing and dance just enrages me. he kept picking out the most insignificant facts from the points that kerry was making and arguing them. kerry was like "we need to make an alliance with other countries because we're the only people with sanctions on iran and that's not helping get rid of nuclear weapons at all because they can get weapons from other countries." and bush's response? "the sanctions on iran were put into place before my administration" o_O that wasn't even what kerry was getting at you fucking retard!

...sorry i keep editing it. i just keep getting more and more pissed off.
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i finally started working on my portfolio site.

it's being done in flash. and is all... portfolio-y.

i'm quite pleased with it thus far. although, i'm more than slightly disappointed in how little i have to actually go into the portfolio. my school is bullshit.
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