October 15th, 2004


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Current Conditions for Atlanta, GA:

Cloudy - 48°F, Feels Like 43°F

pumping gas in a light jacket, thin pants, and sandals in 40 degree weather is fun!

it's even better when your gas cap is hard enough to get off when your fingers aren't all half frozen and don't work right.

my poor toesies are frozen.

damn you impending winter! you will not make me retire my sandals before november! *shakes fist*

i fucking hate the cold. *sigh* kill me for these next 4 months? i don't want to wake up until it's march and the temperatures are back in at least the 50s.

on the bright side, i'll get to get my peacoat dry cleaned and i'll be good and toasty warm. mmmm... warm...
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