October 21st, 2004


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i got some computers from neonjellibean's family to get their information off, because they couldn't do it.

as payment, i'm getting to keep the computers.

the computer booted up no problem, but won't let me delete files, move files, burn cds, turn off system restore, nor boot into safe mode.

and it's running win me *gag*

but, this gets funny:

i was going through the my documents folder, and i saw the usual things, neonjellibean's and her brother's school projects, and her mother's church crap. and i looked into the my music folder and i saw all these mpeg files named random numbers.

this, of course, piqued my curiosity.

so i double clicked on one.

and i was greeted by some of the lamest anal sex videos ever. we're talking fake tits, spitting on the cock for lube, smacking the no no spot, and slapping chicks in the boob while they watch and masturbate kinda anal sex.

i had to know who this computer belonged to. so i called neonjellibean at 2:30.

it was her brother's computer. i told her why i asked. and i broke her brain.

i need to take on people's computer projects more often! i laughed my ass off for at least 20 minutes over this.
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this is vital to the continuation of the universe:

is it:

rock paper scissors
paper rock scissors
scissors paper rock
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