November 16th, 2004


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schedule for next quarter:

en203h: topics in honors english
gd225aa: graphic design applications
gd344aa: creative imaging
sc106a: chemistry (you have no idea how much i'm looking forward to this if it's anything near as easy as science of light)

and none of my classes were anywhere near full! :D yay!! i'm not gonna have to drop a quarter!
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so, i'm in corporate id.

and garry's not here.

there's this kid in this class that i hate. he's all bald and has a lumpy head and he's one 2(that was ian) of those 5(ian) people that thinks they're never wrong.

he put a fucking dropshadow on a logo. and was all telling people that their logos sucked. like, how can you even think that having a dropshadow on a logo is okay after 2 years of design school?

i seriously just want to smack that kid around a little bit sometimes. like, even just the sound of his voice enrages 5(ian) me.

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