March 5th, 2005


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Your LiveJournal paid account for user "fuzzdecay" is expiring in 10 days,
at which time it'll revert to free account status.

:\ this always happens when i'm hideously broke.
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yes yes... i'm turning into one of those people that update once an hour.

umm... sorry?

i've had that damn tender crisp bacon cheddar ranch song from the new burger king commercial stuck in my head.

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apparently the guy who wrote/sings it is the guy from hootie and the blowfish, which makes me even more sad.

it's such a happy little song though! eventhough it's about a sandwich. i like, smile whenever i hear it. i'm such a loser.

*hangs head in shame*

it's nice having all four of my crabbies scuttling around finally. eventhough rupert is destructive and just knocks the sand all in the water dish so it soaks up all the water and i have to clean it and treat more water. and when he's not digging he's furiously trying to escape. he's definitely thrown off the power balance of the crabitat, because lilly could bully lentil, but rupert's a tad too big to bully.

edward is terrified. as rupert emerged from the sand, edward watched on in horror like he thought the sand was coming to life. before yesterday neither lilly nor edward knew rupert even existed, only lentil wasn't surprised.

(p.s. i <3 the guitar part of this song)
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