June 7th, 2005


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i really wish i had the money to buy a permenant account. :\

imma be up all night working on my final projects. but after today, i i only have one more class and that's almost a week away. yay!
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i have a new thing to annoy me now.

my glasses fog up when i'm enjoying the sweet nectar of wakefullness that is my beloved sumatra.

i just drank like, 2 1/2 cups of coffee in under 5 minutes. i feel like a real college student now! this is only the second time i've ever had to abuse coffee during finals.

i think i'm going to have early morning kinkos time in an hour or so, and hopefully i'll be able to catch a nap before class. that's not looking too achievable right now though. shawn's asleep. it's hard to try to stay awake when all the lights are off.

once i get outside and the metric fuckload of caffiene i just consumed hits me. maybe i'll be alright. maybe i'll make it through the day. all i have to do is make it until 9:40 tonight. that's only what? like 15 hours? i can do that.

i think i might take the camera to school with me today. it'll be just like old times.
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