September 1st, 2005

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i ended up buying a roll of gloss paper and 100 13x19 sheets of matte (because i couldn't find a 13"x32' roll of matte)

the matte came in today and 13x19 looks a lot larger than i was expecting it to. i can't wait to start printing large things! i haven't used the printer since the day i brought it home and it's been looking lonely all shoved into the corner.

this is semi off topic, but i'm considering selling prints of some of my artwork. does anyone know how likely stuff like this is to work? i'm not really going into it with money making as a goal, i mostly just think it would be fun, but i'd be all crushed if i set everything up to make it work and then no one was interested :\ i'm a fragile, delicate flower and all that.

happy printing time!
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