November 6th, 2005

pissy bunny

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dear kids that think it's fun to skateboard in my underground parking,

i pay well over $700 for a crappy one bedroom apartment. part of the reason i do this is because i have covered parking under my building that i share with all my neighbors. this is a good thing, because in atlanta, people don't know how to drive and i like the extra protection of only having around 50 people that could potentially smash into my car.

sometimes i like to go down and work on my car, it's old and partly broken and needs tweaking. when i go down there, i expect to see my neighbors coming and going lugging up bags of groceries or what have you. what i don't expect is a small gang of teenage boys on skateboards in my parking deck. when i glared at you and told you if you laid one hand on my car i would kill you i was not joking. I realize my car doesn't compare to the bmw your parents bought your spoiled ass when you turned 16, but i paid for my car out of my own pocket and god dammit, it's worth more than your life is to me.

who on earth thinks it's a good idea to skate board around multiple expensive ass cars? we're in a nice part of town, everyone has at least a lexus! how can you possibly think you have enough control over a skateboard to not go smashing into one of the cars? all it takes is one pebble and you go flying. when i tell you to fuck off, don't you dare give me that "i'm a teenager and i'm invincible, i'll do what i want" look. i'll call the fucking cops on you, you little shitbags.

much love,