September 13th, 2009


swine flu woe

how I've spent the last week

how I've spent the last week

I’ve wasted the last almost week of my life in bed thanks to the plague I’ve somehow acquired. My doctor suspects it to be swine flu (yeah, seriously. lucky me?), but I haven’t made it in for testing. I don’t know if I will bother now because I’m feeling marginally better. I have no idea how I could have possibly caught it. No one I’ve been around lately has had anything even remotely resembling this mucus-filled nightmare.

I’m now ridiculously behind on the freelance work I’m working on. I’m juggling about 7 different jobs from 3 different clients right now. Most of it is print based, so pretty quick work, but one is an entire website design which is proving to be more time consuming than I though. On top of this, I am about to pick up an additional web job from an incompetent local web design company that have completely screwed over one of my repeat clients. I was planning on knocking out all of the print work for the client that’s giving me the additional web job this past week, and fleshing out the rest of the first web job as much as possible (i’m still missing… oh… all of the content for that, ugh.) so I’d be a bit less stressed. But yeah, that didn’t happen.

I was also hoping to split some of the wedding freelance work I’m doing with my future business partner so that we could start acting like a business, and she’s, of course, too busy to take anything. I’m starting to get really concerned about the feasibility of getting this business off the ground. I know that she means well and is serious about the business, but is busy with her ridiculous work schedule. It’s just worrisome that we’ve made no real progress since June on getting our shit together. Part of that is my fault, because I’m also ridiculously busy, but I feel like it’s mostly me working around her schedule when we are equally strapped for time.

I’m sure it will all work out in the end, I’m just having a bit of a breakdown right now. I feel like I have entirely too much responsibility that I can’t successfully delegate out, and I really need to be able to.

Deep breath.

If anyone says something positive about me, it’s that I’m driven. My mom’s favorite way of saying this is to never tell me that I can’t do something, unless you want to be proven wrong. I know that I can get through this, no matter how behind this stupid plague has put me. I’ll start on catching up when it doesn’t feel like I have a bucket of nails hanging out in my brains : (

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