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it's storming again. been getting shitty weather. which reminds me, last weekend, when it stormed, a tree about.... oh.... 4 feet away from my puter through the wall got struck by lightning. it destroyed one of the 5 major branches and caused it to fall, blocking the outside stairs, and the entrance to the underground parking. it was such a pretty tree.... a pretty tree whose flowers smelled like ass (bradford pear.... and no... i'm never letting that go. the fish ass smell is truly awful). i'm kinda upset because i really liked that tree. it also took out the tree on the corner to get into our complex.... both have been cut up and the one on the corner moved out of the road, but the one by the stairs is so blocking the way i get to the sidewalk. it scratched up my shiny new bike.

my bike kicks ass. it's blue and silver and looks like a well taken care of antique. all hail the l337 walmart bike. (probably gonna post some piccys soon).

i have this l337 ass bike and i haven't ridden a bike in about 8 years. it was so sad watching me try to ride it the first night. i don't care what anyone says.... you can forget that shit. i've gotten better... though i took a 60 degree turn going a bit too fast and crashed in the road and scratched the paint. i also smashed my tummy pretty good into the curb but i was way too pissed off about fucking up the bike to dwell on it. it's not too bad.... not as bad as the incident of me trying to take it down the stairs that ground off some of the kick stand paint. the bike is about 92% perfect still though. and i've only had it a week.... i'm sure more adventures will insue (by adventures i mean near death experiences with moving.... or stationary objects until i finally get my bike groove back on).

i'm thinking about being completely gay and making tshirts for my website. maybe just one as i'm sure they won't sell. i just think it'd be a neat thing to have.

fuzz decay has become an integral part of alicia. like... not my internet persona, because i don't have one, i'm pretty much the same on or offline... but the name. if i was walking down the street and someone yelled fuzz i'd automatically assume it was me. it's been my one and only net name for...... 4 years now. and it's all thanks to limpy and the lack of selection when making aim names.

i actually didn't really like the name when i made it, but it's grown on me.

i'm gonna get my eyes checked soon. i think the monitor is killing my vision. vision is a kinda vital thing for me. but it's okay cuz i'm sexay in glasses. :)
Tags: bikes are wanton death machines, bitching about the weather, geekery, self exploration, the terrible bradford pear

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