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i'm breaking down and buying a mac.

300 mhz 320 meg of ram 6 gig hdd graphite clamshell ibook... for $500.

sweet sweet ibook.

i needed a laptop... and a mac.... so it works. i still want the new imac. mmm... g4 processor...

i've been super busy. next quarter registration is on the 20th. i'm having to talk to my advisor about switching classes since the 2nd hon english isn't offered then. 3 week break... 10 week summer quarter... and then another 3 week break. sweetness!

if i get the schedule i've made out i'll only be going to school monday, tuesday, and wednesday.

we're in the process of setting up a server.... maybe to be used as a net server. so yay! realiable hosting!!!

we cleaned the fan on my processor... which unbeknownest to me was completely choked with dust. eventhough that's probably the cause of my overheating problem... i still want a dual fan. one fan for a slot heatsink just doesn't seem like enough at all. buying the mac is gonna push back me upgrading my puter. so i think i need to invest the $20.

i made the national dean's list. another book for mom to put on the shelf.

i'm gonna drop conceptual thinking. layout and digital photographic production are eating up my time and i've missed 2 days in there. 2 days of missed night class is like 4 days of regular class. it won't effect my grad date at all though... so that's coo.

i'm off to get some stuff done.
Tags: art school, computer stuff, family, geekery

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