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considering i live in "atlanta: city of people who have no idea what the turn signal is" i have few problems with the actual traffic. possibly because i came from "south georgia: land of drunk rednecks who take tractors on highways".

even so, i belong to atltrafficsux, because... well, it's amusing to watch people bitch about the awful traffic. back in october, i pioneered a posting style which i call "love letters to asshole", which has really taken off in that community. i'm all proud and stuff.

i woke up this morning to my left foot being so asleep i couldn't move it at all. i was trying to, but the muscle wouldn't work at all. do you have any idea how fucking scary that is? all i could think was "omfg! i won't be able to walk anymore" not a very pleasant way to wake up.

my bank is fucking me over, and i can't get access to the money i got from the school. joy. *rolls eyes* it'd be nice if my fiscal situation were at least managable at times, so i don't feel so completely fucking helpless.

at the pet shop yesterday, kelly and i met a girl going to aca (atl college of art) for graphic design. we got into a happy little conversation about the art institute and the various rumors that go around about it. you know, although the school pisses me off immensely, i would just like to say that it's not a bad school. it does precisely what they tell you it does. it prepares you for the industry. it's not like a traditional college, and if you go there expecting that, then you're going to be sorely disappointed.

it's not the classes and stuff that bother me. the course work is fine. it's the occasional shitty teacher and the fucking office staff that i want to rape with pointy sticks that make me want to just hurry up and get the fuck out of the school already.

you know how to tell when i'm really pissed/excited when i'm typing because i type "-ign" instead of "-ing". that's the only time i do that. it's really quite odd. it's like my fingers just work differently when i get really passionate about something.

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