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there's this little place called athens. it's about an hour east of atlanta. it's a college town.

i hate it.

it's full of youngish upper middle class white kids smoking themselves retarded and sitting around being "intellectual" and listening to bands that no one's heard of just because no one knows who they are.

it's so fucking scene it makes me sick, and it always has.

smoking (anything) does not make you enlightened. it doesn't make your opinions worth anything. it earns you nothing at all actually. seriously, stop being so fucking self righteous. i don't give a fuck how cool you think it makes you. i know what you're doing to yourself, and i laugh because you're going to be stuck where you are for the rest of your life.

and oooh.... you listen to bands i don't know about. who gives a fuck? music is about liking music. not about these retarded games of "oh well i heard them 4 years ago".

to conclude:

fuck you rich little white boys who have never had to deal with anything on your own who rely on mommy and daddy for drug / cd / concert money who think you're so much better than everyone else. fuck your little indie scene. you fuckers are just as bad as emo kids, but without the amusing self mutilation.

it occured to me after i finished this post that i was still ragey. so, i will continue:

you're not fucking original if you do the same shit everyone else does. living a stereotype isn't originality, even if it's a stereotype of people who think they're original.

and this is gonna come as a shock, but listening to original music does not make you original. you are not what you listen to, you are what you do with what you acclimate in your head. i just want to shake you fuckers like infants until you vomit out something remotely indicative that you have free thought.

...and that is why i never go to athens.
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