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my ibook comes today. it's got a dead battery.... ugh... that's another $100. but overall i got a good deal. i'm hoping it comes with a working ac adapter. i didn't ask if it did. the fucking ac adapter is like $50. ah... the price of good design... and better hardware.... and better software compatibility.

i never thought i'd have such a love affair with macs, but after using them everyday for 6 months i realise lots of things.

i'm part of the mac cult.

i'm not gonna get rid of my pc though. i like the customization available with pc... and the cheapness. but in every other department mac pwns the pc.

i've gotten a lot accomplished this week. i feel good about things right now. the sky is pretty and clear and blue, the plants are vibrant. it's nice.'d be nicer if shawn's a/c worked. we bought a fan and a retrofit charger for it but the air compressor leaks :\

we went to norcross (small computer shop of atlanta capital). every other store is a puter store selling systems and parts and used parts at incredibly low prices. this would be a shrine were it not for the fact that most of the shops are pure shit. there was a store with 8 different brands and speed of cd rw boxes on the wall and it only stocked 2 of them. stuff like that.

life is really good right now.
Tags: bitching about the weather, boyfriends past and present, car stuff, computer stuff, happy

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