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i'm not patriotic at all. i really don't give a fuck about this…

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i'm not patriotic at all.

i really don't give a fuck about this country. i never have. it's just where i happened to be born and i'm stuck here until i finish with school. i don't believe the us is the best country on earth.

in fact, i spent most of my childhood in detention because i refused to stand for the pledge. granted, this most mostly because of the "under god" thing, but, whatever.

i actually didn't have too much problem with the country from when i started getting interested in politics (early clinton era) until... well... until gw was not elected.

i just cannot stand having a fundamentalist retard as a figurehead leader of the country i'm currently living in. because it reflects poorly on me. not only that, but he's acting like a child that just got access to a bunch of legos and he's building cities and playing godzilla. it's not safe for anyone to have a man of such very little brain be the leader of america's armed forces... because we have enough weapons and people to do serious damage to the rest of the world.

but, what pisses me off most is how all of the us citizen's freedoms are being stripped away under the pretense of protecting us from terrorism. because, obivously the only way to protect us from attack from a religious muslim state, is to turn us into a religious christian state. fuck that.

and it's been 3 years. there hasn't been another terrorist attack. let it go. stop arousing all this fear for no reason.i still remember last year when everyone was like "oh nos!! duct tape all your windows and doors shut the terrorists are coming!!!1" did it happen? no.

bush actually said in an interview that the person he identifies most with is jesus. so we really want this man in office? how long before he starts saying that the war in iraq is god's will?

i'm just going to stop my iraqi war rant right the fuck now. because i have lots and lots and lots to say and it just pisses me off. so... avoidance is the answer in this case.

i just watched fahrenheit 911. and, though i keep up with a lot of this stuff, so much of it i had already heard, it's still infuriating. it's a nice little piece of propoganda. just seeing bush practice his serious face before addressing the nation about 911 and laughing... and talking about the situation in iraq and then immediately dropping the subject to say "hey watch this shot!" as he's golfing... argh. he perpetually looks confused. it's just.... not a good image to put forth.

and a lot of the things i think were definitely mirrored in the documentary. i highly suggest watching it. if for nothing else, entertainment value.

heh. i'm such a bleeding liberal.

if bush gets elected, i'm keeping the promise i made 4 years ago and moving to canada.
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On July 2nd, 2004 05:04 am (UTC), rileydag commented:
Why do we keep reminding everyone about 9/11? Because we are a huge target for terrorist attack. Now, the reason for being such a target are not always honorable.

Look at this. Why are US pilots concerned with Iran fighter jets attacking them while they are on patrol in Iraq? Well, those Iranian jets are American made F14 planes. We sold them to Iran when we tried to control what that country was doing in the Middle East. Iran got ticked with us, threw us out and held some of our citizens hostage. This was back before you were born, back in the days of the Carter administration. I remember those days when I was in grade school. We would say the pledge and a prayer for the hostages to be freed.

America does NOT have a clean track record in the Middle East. We have meddled for over 30 years in that region. If someone came into your apartment and told you how you were going to live your life, you would get rather ticked. That's kind of what the US has done in the past to the Middle East.

Why all the anti-terrorism stuff? Well, in short, because we have MADE ourselves a target. 50 years ago it was not such a big deal, now it is. 50 years ago the danger was the Cold War with USSR. Now it's terrorists, some seeking revenge, some just attacking people because of how much they hate the path their life has taken.

I didn't vote for gw in 2000. I don't work for the government for HIM, I work for the government for you, your friends, your family. I work in government for the simple reason that I like to help people when they need help. There's a danger out there and a lot of it was created by the US government, but you have to accept that it's ALL our fault. We put those officials into office either by voting or not voting, by standing up for what it right or by NOT standing up for what it right.

Now, this country was founded by a bunch of religious fanatics that were thrown out of England.
Do I think that Christianity is the answer to the problem? Heck no. I'm a Druid. Go figure, a dirt worshiping, tree hugger working in the US government. Always makes for an interesting moment at work. "Hey Riley, look, I'm not wasting paper. Not killing another tree here. Now, can you tell that Oak tree to stop dropping branches on the roof of my house? Please?"

I don't agree with you that the US is not the greatest country in the world, but I am very happy that I live somewhere in this world where I can hear you speak YOUR mind. I'm glad that I can hear your voice and I look forward to hearing it again.
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On July 2nd, 2004 05:22 am (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
i have never agreed with how involved in the middle east the us is. i don't understand why we give guns to small radical groups there... and then just abandon them and piss them off, and then we have the audacity to be surprised when they hate us and attack us. i don't blame these people for hating americans. we continually fuck them over.

it's religion causing the friction there, that we're trying vainly to help, and not even all the guns in the world can fix that, unless they all kill eachother. and what's really retarded about of this? is that judiasm, christianity, and islam are the same fucking religion, essentially! christians believe what jews believe and tacked on the new testament, and muslims believe what christians believe and just tacked on the quaran. it just doesn't make any fucking sense to me. none at all.

this is the first election i'll be able to vote in, and you better believe that i'm not voting for bush. you better believe that i've been signing petitions and getting involved and writing letters and shit. i've been doing it for years because it's all i could do before now.
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On July 2nd, 2004 05:43 am (UTC), rileydag replied:
The only way things will change is if people do what YOU are doing, getting involved.

So, who do we write in on the ballot? Ahem, Felix the Cat? Foamy? YEAH, FOAMY FOR PRESIDENT!!!
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On July 2nd, 2004 06:29 am (UTC), neo_prodigy commented:
amen sister!
i too don't celebrate the 4th and yes this country is going to hell in a handbasket, a large part because of dubya. and yes i'll see you in canada.
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On July 2nd, 2004 07:54 am (UTC), night_flyer commented:
right left middle dem rep etc ita all the same BS
if you know anything of world news there is a greater more bigger problem ahead for the US in the future, as it is Iraq is just a small beginning to a much bigger problem coming, the way things look; running isn't going to save us from it. pitty we all had to be born in this time line of earth's history......
Nostromus the bible and afew other things out there said somethiings about this time we are in now, people say Nostromus is a great person even tho more then alot of what he says is BS same with the bible and other books etc same BS where you go.
when bad things happen people run and hide behind those fairy tails of believe in me and i'll protect you listen to my words and learn from them......BULL..... another thing that is just as bad as that junk is when trouble starts people run again and hide behind other people many of which dont have a flipping clue to what to do other then hide themselves, if look around you it dont matter where you go or what you do or even how you vote for any more, there is no hidding from what is coming ahead, what 1 thing happens in 1 place is going to extremely effect other places like i saide Iraq is nothing it is just a lil'stone in a BIG pond, you think its going to stop there if bush is booted out ?...NO it is just going to turn in to something else if not there then here in the homeland, bad enough they have started to and have been stripping this county all to hell and taking away every thing from rights to freedoms you people dont see it look at the bigger picture, it is no longer about the war or iraq or anything any more now its about right and freedoms, as everyone hides and runs and doesnt watch whats going on they will keep on taking from you, and many people think still the same as they did when they were kids, now that they are older they still think it you take it its their reguardless, no the Gov. finely got what it has been trying for years, it now has full control over everything and soon becuz people are to damn scared of others living next door and are more willing to call the police on then over some dum lil'thing or another they will and do have you the public right where they want you, father more it is sad to see how everyone is crying about bush and what he has done when you let him stay in there, it like everyone just got dumb and forgot in the books back from the very day this country was given its free chance it states: *for the people by the people*, no 1 man no 1 power not even no 1 court can over rule the people, but in this day and age everyone so phucking retarded in thinking that they believe it should be left up to those in office and other people, nothing will ever change if that type of thinking stays you got to get to gether and now there is a common ground that alot of ppl can finely see eye to eye on and about, stop waiting get off your duffs and do something not just write letter to those morons up there that you think should do the thinking for you, i mean get out there go there and tell them face to face letters can be passed off and thrown away and forgotten but meeting and talking in real words can never be forgotten look at what you have around you now you have more power now then any time in history to do something if you dont like the people running to lead this country then it is up to you the people to do something about , if you think about it and look at it there are more working class and other classes of people in this land then there are rich, dont let their false sense of fear factor power scare you , this country is quicking going down the shit hole becuz no one wants to deal with with the problem, instead people in this country are more really worried about their cell phones and satlite tv and $5,000 cars more then they are of what is really going to happen , everyone talks big like they are going to do something but only end up thinking and letting and hoping someone else is gong to do it this country is FAT and spoild, to many years in front of their cable tvs and eating out at MC Donls has made this great country LAZY not just in body but mind as well, we all have internet in our homes now, and that alone is a very powerful tool,
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On July 2nd, 2004 07:57 am (UTC), night_flyer replied:
Re: right left middle dem rep etc ita all the same BS ..PT.-2
use it for not just email and surfing junk out there use it to look in to the real story of what is really going on, not just what you find or hear on the news but what is really being taken away from you and what will be done next, many of you out there do this but there are many more that just sit back and do nothing more then complain about and do nothing it is those people that we need to have stand up with us too and walk out drive out fly out etc to there and change the 5hit that is going on in this country.
thats another thing why this country is falling apart to many people in this country are still thinking they are much better then people in other lands and even in this land far to many are cloat and dagger greedy over money and power , if you notice there are more people in jail and in pirson here in this country then any place else all becuz most of them no long have the free right to think or do as the please even with in their own homes or on their land the people now days in this cuntry are more worried about what going on in some elses home then they are in their own, you all cry about pivate lives yet your more willing to learn and watch your next door more you have started that ball rolling it was not the Gov who started that up it was the public world, and their needy greed to know more, this land is quickly dieing and no longer staying a proud land it is fastly becoming a bully in the world where if there is something going on in another land the people here make it their business to force their ways apon them and if they dont listen they kill or jail them, i think if the book of god has any truths of and for today it in not the new land on the other side of the world or any land over there that is going to suffer more in the end of days, it was talking of this country, all becuz there is nore evil and hate here then any 1 place in the world today there was a poll taken yrs ago and it said that crime in the world is most at , is here in this last ,,,, freedom freedom there is no freedom here nor was there ever, if you look up the words freedom in its truest form?, then you would see this country is nowhere near the top of the freedom list and never was, oh sure you think it was a great country but remember Iraq people hear was killing its own people for years...
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On July 2nd, 2004 07:58 am (UTC), night_flyer replied:
Re: right left middle dem rep etc ita all the same BS ..PT.-3
OHMY WHAT A PHUCKING SHOCK!!!, hell this country has been doing that to it own people more years and a hell of a lot long then any other land in the world, just here they call it: going to war and testing new weapons and going to the hospital........
thats the BIGGEST FUNNEST thing about this land they kill millions and more people over the years and no one says anything, look at the Natvie people that were here they killed them but if another land did that the US would be all over them for it, the US wrongfully impirson people here but if someone else did they are all over them the US do like it when others build weapons of mass distruction but they build millions of ton of the things each year and call it ensuring the public safey Iraq has no long rang of anything to do really reach the US with out them knowing it first coming but the US has weapons here that can travel around this lil'panet 10,000 times before hittings target and no one here says anything, what i think is up with it all is that the US does not like others cutting in on what they think they are good at.
its like the war the US goes over there and sends them back to the stone age then helps them with guns weapons food etc. but wont lift 1 finger to help its own people, now if some other country did that you know the US would put a quick stop to it.
this is not a land of the proud nor is it the land of the brave it is the land of the greedy and the bullies, if you want to do something and fix what is going wrong stop looking to others either here or out there in the world to fix it for you stop thinking that it will all just go away if you vote some other fool in to office, sstand up and get off your cell phones and get away from your 60billion channel tevo tv satlites and go out there and start sometimes, they tryed that in the 60's but no one was willing to get out there and keep it rolling now you have a change to grab that ball with both hands and started it up again the times have never change only the views of the people have.

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On July 2nd, 2004 08:27 am (UTC), pochanike commented:
if bush gets elected, i'm keeping the promise i made 4 years ago and moving to canada.

our only option right now is that faggot kerry. i'm a "democrat" and from the south, and i have NO IDEA how he wont the fucking primary but damn if i'm not voting at all. fuck that, bush has won texas already.
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On July 2nd, 2004 04:56 pm (UTC), koupa_stole_her commented:
Larry Horse says this post is too Ranty...
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On July 2nd, 2004 05:06 pm (UTC), koupa_stole_her commented:
Just a thought, G-bu must be like the Uber Super Smart Evil Genius, Since he's able to steal the election, choose to ignore everything leading up to 9/11 to forward his super secret simultanious attacks on the american civil liberties, and all dem moslem's, and still convince everyone he's a complete and utter moron, while at the same time appearing completely arrogant and overly humble...

bah, politics is about alot of people, there's plenty of blame to go around, and just to pin it ALL on the G-bu is narrow minded and fool heartdy, history repeats itself, and politics today are pretty much the same as politics a hundred years ago, and will most likely be the same a hundred from now, so blah, sux to it all...
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On July 3rd, 2004 05:33 pm (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
he just has connections. it's so not coincidence that the confusion about the vote tally was in the state his brother is the governor of.

of course i don't think it's just bush, but bush definitely has an agenda, and again, he has connections. it's a group of people that all stand to profit in some way from this war banding together and pulling "facts" out of their asses.
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On July 3rd, 2004 05:44 pm (UTC), koupa_stole_her replied:
most of those facts come from the intellegince community,from the US and other states that feel the need to share information, for profit or otherwise, the UK still defends the whole Nigerian? Yellowcake Iraq link thing. Don't matter who was president though, that whole iraq thing was gonna happen eventually if Clinton's second term was any indication...

when did agenda become the new buzz word? I have an agenda, it mostly involves eating cheezits and drinking mt. dew :P
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On July 2nd, 2004 05:45 pm (UTC), nopriorplastic commented:
Michael Moore does great films and books. My b/f is in the navy and I try to support him, but I am so angry with the president. My boyfriend could be killed because he is on a power trip.
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On July 3rd, 2004 05:37 pm (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
one of my exroomate's husband is in the army and has been over there for a year and a half now. he was only supposed to be over there for 6 months.

i can't even imagine what that must be like.
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On July 3rd, 2004 01:27 pm (UTC), fiduch commented:
holy ranty comments, batman!! :op

i'm just here to say that, no matter what the outcome of this election, it's a win-win situation for canada... either you folks get bush the fuck out of office, or canada gets one kickass sexy citizen. :o)
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On July 3rd, 2004 05:39 pm (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
lol i'm not exactly sure how no more bush is going to benefit canada, but i'll take your word for it. :P

now you have the epic post, and i have the epic comment. :D
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On July 3rd, 2004 06:04 pm (UTC), fiduch replied:
lol, well, look at it this way... bush meddles and pisses people off, which causes more people to wanna blow the fuck out of america. canada is close to america, and therefore part of canada will end up getting blowed up too... :op

plus, if he's not in office, he can't start any more wars and then make canada feel guilty about not joining in!
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