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Thirteen random things you like: - the smell of peaches - humidity -…

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Thirteen random things you like:
- the smell of peaches
- humidity
- the taste of notebook paper
- the smell of vinyl (specifically the kinda used to make inflatables)
- blackberries
- pistachio pistachio icecream
- cutting my hair with fingernail clippers
- soaking in a just bearably hot tub
- laying on the bottom of a pool looking at the clouds through the water
- lips which are soft from kissing
- driving (randomly or not)
- crustaceans
- my big satin blanket

Twelve movies:
- fight club
- amelie
- pulp fiction
- the little mermaid \m/
- robin hood: men in tights (who i stole this from had this listed too, but this popped into my head before i read it in her list... i dunno why)
- trainspotting
- finding nemo
- nightmare before xmas
- american history x
- run lola, run
- the cable guy
- requiem for a dream

Eleven good bands or singers/musicians:
- nofx
- everclear
- less than jake/reel big fish (shame.... but i really like history of a boring town/beer)
- blink182
- marcy playground
- aphex twin
- dv015
- millencolin
- flaming lips
- fiona apple (sleep to dream is like, one of my most favorite songs ever)
- greenday

Ten things about you, physically:
- my first three toes are the exact same length
- i have a small mole on my left hip, which is kinda like a birth marh
- my big toes can pop at will
- i have an overbite
- my tongue is really short
- my eyes change color form green to hazel to greenish blue, and very rarely gray
- the top of my ears don't curl over, they're kinda pointy.
- i'm really prone to "lie bumps" (those little painful white bumps on your tongue)
- when i wake up in the morning, my eyes are so dry i can't open them
- i have never broken a bone

Nine things about you, mentally/emotionally:
- i am capable of being extremely frigid and bitchy as well as compassionate and caring
- i'm very passionate about everything i do/think about
- it's rare that something is just "okay" i usually either love something or hate it
- i thrive under extreme presssure in my work, but it kills me emotionally
- i never let people see me cry
- i don't believe in soul mates, i want someone complementary, but i'm not searching for "my other half"
- i want everyone to love me and be around forever, eventhough i know how unlikely that is
- i'm very idealistic, and yet cynical
- i hate eating in front of people. there are seriously people i have known for 3+ years that have never seen me eat anything other than cheetos

Eight favorite drinks:
- mr. pibb
- dr. pepper
- pomegranate juice
- orange juice
- black cherry koolaid
- peach milkshakes
- cappucino blasts form baskin robbins
- vanilla bottled starbucks frappucino/sumatra coffee from starbucks

Seven things you wear daily:
- silver birkenstocks
- black curved barbell in my tummy
- earrings/paperclip
- nipple rings (which are currently one 7/16ths barbell and one captive bead ring. i seriously need a second 7/16th barbell)
- necklace made of cat 5 cable
- silver toe ring with the little ring and bead on it
- er... that's seriously all that i wear on a regular basis...

Six things that annoy you:
- green lights that aren't the same color green (one yellowish and the other bluish)
- how fast milk goes bad
- people that can't use their blinkers (southernese for turn signals) when changing lanes
- people that touch me before i know them well enough
- running out of hot water when the bath is so close to the perfect temperature
- things which are poorly designed

Five favorite foods:
- cheese
- pistachio ice cream
- lasagna
- pizza (how college student of me)
- bbq sauce. on like... anything.

Four shows you watch:
- chapelle's show
- martha stewart's living (shut up.)
- elimidate/fifth wheel/blind date (for the train wreck value)
- curb your enthusiasm

Three celebrities you have a crush on:
- edward northon
- jim carrey
- the guy from the king of queens

Two things you come in contact with everyday:
- my computer
- shawn's plant that's always mere inches form my head. i think it wants brains.

One song you like right now:
- the living end: who's gonna save us
Current Mood:
bored bored
Current Music:
ozma: maybe in an alternate dimension
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[User Picture]
On July 4th, 2004 05:51 pm (UTC), unsuburban commented:
w00t. someone else who listens to ozma
[User Picture]
On July 4th, 2004 08:13 pm (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
i hadn't even heard of them until like this week.

someone suggested i listen to that particular song.
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On July 4th, 2004 10:14 pm (UTC), fiduch replied:
it was me, it was me!! :o)

ozma fucking rocks!
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